Scratch Introduction In this course, students get introduced to basic programming as they create interactive stories, design animations, and make mini-games in Tynker’s game-like interface. Syllabus Lesson 1 Welcome to Tynker Lesson 2 Candy Quest Lesson 3 Animated Card Creator Lesson 4 Dragon Dash Lesson 5 Comic Creator Lesson 6 Pattern Maker Requirement: K – 1st grade. Able to read instruction on screen. Able to use laptop, mouse pad and type.  Read More →

Python I – Introduction This course teaches basic programming and problem solving using Python, the powerful language used in college courses and by tech companies such as: Google (Youtube) Facebook (Tornado) Dropbox Yahoo NASA IBM Quora …… Step-by-step explanations will have kids learning computational thinking right away, while visual and game-oriented examples hold their attention. Friendly introductions to fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, and functions will help even the youngest programmers build the skills they need to make their own cool games and applications. Syllabus Lesson 1 Get Started Using Python with Python IDLE Lesson 2 Draw by Turtle Graphics Lesson 3 VariablesRead More →