MSTOC 2022 Policy 全国冠军!

🏆🏆🏆【加入全国冠军Team】我们获奖无数的Policy Debate competition team一年一度的招生开始啦! 感兴趣参加我们下一年Policy 或者Lincoln Douglas debate的学生们现在可以联系我们报名/预约Interview啦。Policy和Lincoln Douglas是非常锻炼学生critical thinking,research skill的。适合喜欢research,喜欢钻研,非常认真努力,非常dedicate的同学。 MSTOC Policy Result:Policy: Mason Kim & Aiden Kwon are the TOC CHAMPIONS! 全国冠军!Audrey Huang

MSTOC 2022!(Middle School Tournament of Champions!

🏆🏆🏆MSTOC 2022!(Middle School Tournament of Champions!) 转眼又是一年一度的,为时三天的Middle School Tournament of Champions! MSTOC是每年一次由University of Kentucky 举办的全国最难最大的一次中学生辩论大赛! 今年有有超过5个国家,80多个学校和after school program 参赛。 这就相当于做sports的人参加Olympics 一样! 非常proud of我们所有参赛学生的认真努力和坚持不懈的精神和每个学生的dedication,Day in and

Past Tournaments (Partial List)

6/2022 – NSDA Middle School National Championship 6/2022 NSDA High School National Championship 5/2022 California Middle School State Championship (CHSSA) 5/2022 MS Tournament of Champions

2021 Spring: US History

Understand the essence of American culture and spirit, Learn critical reading and analysis skills, gain ability to look at real problems from history, Construct logical

Nov 1, 2020 Tournament Results

🎊🎉Congratulations! 🎉🎊 The Online Friendlies 1 Tournament Results November 1, 2020 Congratulations to all of our winners!! Elementary Congress Gold Jeremy Lee (ModernBrain) Jackie Zhao