MSTOC 2022!(Middle School Tournament of Champions!

🏆🏆🏆MSTOC 2022!(Middle School Tournament of Champions!)
转眼又是一年一度的,为时三天的Middle School Tournament of Champions! MSTOC是每年一次由University of Kentucky 举办的全国最难最大的一次中学生辩论大赛! 今年有有超过5个国家,80多个学校和after school program 参赛。 这就相当于做sports的人参加Olympics 一样!

非常proud of我们所有参赛学生的认真努力和坚持不懈的精神和每个学生的dedication,Day in and day out 的努力,也非常开心看到每个同学之间的互相的support,每轮之间小朋友的互相帮助,互相鼓励,这样的experience是非常难得可贵的,这样的友情也是一生难忘的!不管结果如何, 在这么competitive的tournament 中努力绽放自己的光芒!

当然我们的学生们个个表现出色! 一共12 个比赛项目中,MB学生获得其中的五个项目的Championship第一名!包括Policy Debate, Humors Interp, Dramatic Interp, Declamation, and Original Oratory!

  • 有15 个Entry进入决赛Finals,多于第二和第三名team的总和!
    -我们学生获得第二第三名Best Team加起来还要多的冠军,第二名,和Finalist!
  • MB是唯一一个program有学生进入到2 个辩论项目的决赛 (Policy debate and congress debate)
  • 我们 的学生成功进入每一个我们有Entry的项目的Elimination Round!(包括Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Congress, Public Forum, Drama, Humors, Oratory, Info, Impromptu, Extemp (private student), and Informative!
  • 完整的result!Middle School Tournament of Champions Results:
    There were over 80 teams in attendance from 19 states, 5 countries—the best of the best. We had more finalists (and champions, and runners-up) than the next two best teams combined. We won 5 total championships out of the 12 available championships.
  • Without a doubt, we’re the #1 overall middle school program in America.
  • Policy: Mason Kim & Aiden Kwon are the TOC CHAMPIONS! Audrey Huang & Iva Liu and Zoe Tran & Chenyue Zhou made the top 16.
  • Aiden Kwon was 4th speaker, Iva Liu was 9th, Audrey was 10th, Mason was 14th, and Russell was 17th.
  • Lincoln-Douglas: Jolynn Cai made quarterfinals. Ethan Yang and Justin Ding made octofinals. Ellie Shen, Amy Jia, and Lilly Stobo made doubles. Anya made triples.
    Ethan Yang was 3rd speaker, Ellie Shen was 13th, Justin Ding was 14th, and Dania Yamani was 19th.
  • Public Forum: Shiwen/Jeevpreet, Ethan He/Eric Zhao, and Karis Kwon/Isabella Huang made triples.
  • Declamation: Grace was 6th, Izzie was 4th, Luna was the TOC RUNNER-UP, and Meera was the TOC CHAMPION!
  • DI: Jennifer was 5th and Grace was the TOC CHAMPION!
  • Extemp: Evan (New Age) made semifinals.
  • IMP: Meera was the TOC RUNNER-UP! Luna, Yuqiao, and Evan (New Age) made semifinals. Izzie made quarterfinals.
  • HI: Sophia was 6th and Grace was the TOC CHAMPION!
  • INFO: Izzie was 5th.
  • OO: Meera was 6th, Luna was the TOC RUNNER-UP, and Anna was the TOC CHAMPION! Arshia (Frisco), Jennifer, Kexin, and Sophia ALL made semifinals.
  • Congress: Celine was 9th. Jeremy made semifinals.

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