Understand the essence of American culture and spirit, Learn critical reading and analysis skills, gain ability to look at real problems from history, Construct logical and meticulous thesis writing. American History” is arguably one of the most important courses, and it is a required course from elementary school to university. However, it is difficult to learn, or to get high scores in AP history. This is also the experience of many high school students. Why is this? Because the study of American history courses requires students to have strong critical thinking skills. Let experienced teacher Ms. Sarah help students to navigate through is for gradeRead More →

HAPPY THANKSGIVING & 🏆HAPPY FRIENDLY #2! 🏆 🎊🎉Congratulations! 🎉                           DAY 2 High school Spar Gold – Emily Bu – La Salle Silver – Finn Espinoza – Monrovia Bronze – Kimberly Liang – La Salle Middle school Spar Gold – Sophia Zhong – Flintridge Prep Gold – Justin Wong – ModernBrain (DTE) Silver – Nirmit Shah – ModernBrain Bronze – Celine Chang – ModernBrain Bronze – Ethan He – ModernBrain Elementary Spar Gold – Izzie Tran – ModernBrain Silver – Aurora Vukovitz – ModernBrain Congress Debate Gold – Michelle Geller – Flintridge PrepRead More →

🎊🎉Congratulations! 🎉🎊 Elem DP (HI/DI) GOLD:  – Olivia Song, ModernBrain SILVER:  – Sophia Lin, ModernBrain Elem Duo Interp GOLD:  – Whitaker & Zhao, San Marino Learning SILVER:  – Chen & Zhu, ModernBrain Elem Storytelling GOLD:  – Elaine Chen, ModernBrain – Vanessa Lin, ModernBrain SILVER:  – Max Lai, San Marino Learning – Jade Zhao, ModernBrain – Karlisha Yu, ModernBrain – Candace Zhang, ModernBrain BRONZE:  – Natalia Gustin, ModernBrain – David Shittu, ModernBrain Elem Impromptu GOLD:  – Olivia Song, ModernBrain – Grace Ableser-Jaffe, ModernBrain SILVER:  -Anya Luo, ModernBrain -Dora Zhang, ModernBrain – Sarah Wang, ModernBrain – Aurora Vukovitz, ModernBrain BRONZE:  – Brielle Levesque, ModernBrain -Luca Zhang, ModernBrainRead More →

🎊🎉Congratulations! 🎉🎊 The Online Friendlies 1 Tournament Results November 1, 2020 Congratulations to all of our winners!! Elementary Congress Gold Jeremy Lee (ModernBrain) Jackie Zhao (San Marino Learning) Silver Sarah Wang (ModernBrain) Dora Zhang (ModernBrain) Bronze Luca Zhang (ModernBrain) Eric Kim (Perfect Score) Ian Park (Perfect Score) Natalia Gustin (ModernBrain) Middle School Congress Gold Ellie Sohn (Flintridge Prep) Isabel Kim (Flintridge Prep) Mira Jiang (ModernBrain) Dylan Huang (ModernBrain) Silver Titiksha Lunker (ModernBrain) Kayla Roh (ModernBrain) David Zheng (ModernBrain) Sam Cooper (Flintridge) Bronze Jayden Peng (ModernBrain) Jerry Hu (ModernBrain) John Kim (Perfect Score) Alexis Kang (ModernBrain) Sanskriti Kamaraju (ModernBrain) Tiffany Tianwen Chen (ModernBrain) High School CongressRead More →

Speech and Debate Introductory classes For incoming 2-5 graders, and taught by our middle schooler and high schooler Young Coaches. Each class is 40 mins. 4 classes in one session.Register at: https://tinyurl.com/dteyouth Small donation asked, each session has limited seats. Please register early to join. Throughout the 2020 summer we offered and delivered total 8 classes by 4 young coaches to over 50 students. These students learned the basics of some speech events, had a great time connecting with the young coaches and fellow students. Our “Youth Club” Members: Speech and Debate: Coach Ellie, Coach Ethan, Coach Amanda, Coach Mark Coding: TA Danny, TA Jim,Read More →

Welcome to sign up for classic reading course. Through reading classic works, learn critical reading analysis ability, grasp detailed reading comprehension ability, expand vocabulary, and exercise critical writing ability. Suitable for students: Grades 5-6 Reading works: “The Little Prince”.It is a novella by French aristocrat, writer, and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The story follows a young prince who visits various planets in space, including Earth and addresses themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Despite its style as a children’s book, The Little Prince makes observations about life and human nature. This book’s Lexile score is 710 and a DRA reading assessment is 60, whichRead More →

SAT Fall Prep Class Build your confidence and learn exclusive test-taking strategies at SAT Fall Prep Class. Tuition: $1000. The two-person group will receive $50 off each. E-Material includes. Course Type: online. Delivered by the Zoom meeting. Course Schedule: Every Saturday & Sunday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm The effect of the lecture is totally guaranteed: After the first class, the student will get a full refund if He\she is not satisfied with the class. Lecturer: Ms. Mindy for Reading, Ms. Gillian for English, Mr. Alvin for Math, and Mr. Yeung for Writing. Four teachers have majored in English Language or Translation specialists with 5Read More →

Congratulations to everyone! SPEECH AWARDS! (MUN and Debate awards will be announced at 5:30 on 8/9/2020) Elementary Storytelling Gold Amber Nguyen Silver Bella Tan Bronze Ean Manalasta | Vivienne Hadi Elementary Impromptu Gold Dora Zhang | Grace Ableser-Jaffe | Gloria He | Anya Luo Silver Raina Zhang | Bella Tan | Luc Chen Bronze David Lim | Pyron Tan | Hugo Liu | Vienna Li Elementary SPAR Gold Braden Yan | Anya Luo | Jeremy Lee | Mason Li Silver Kendrick Kim | Delan Motakeg | Connor Wang | Sean Shu | Grace. Ableser-Jaffe | David Lim | Raina Zhang Bronze Luc Chen| Dora ZhangRead More →

Web Design I – HTML & CSS Syllabus (Total 15 Sessions) HTMLStructure Text, Lists , LinksImages, TablesForms, MarkupVideos & AudiosProcess & Design Part 1CSSColor, Text, BoxesLists, Tables, & FormsLayout, ImagesHTML 5 LayoutProcess & Design Part 2Presentation Requirement: Recommended for 5-9th grade.Read More →

If you are interested in the competition. Please fill it out for us to confirm your enrollment. Fill Out FORM HERE Here are the details: Coding Competition Timeline: Starting 1/7, end 3/15/2020Fee: None Two age groups:5-8th graders9+ Graders Prize:Each group will have1 first prize: $751 Second Prize: $503 Third prize: $25 Announcement of winners on our SVWA Youth Group Website and DTE Coding & Debate School WebsiteAlso celebration will be at the Annual Mother’s day Party. (Usually in May) Format: Online submissionTwo things to submit: The presentation – ppt or pdf format – design, idea, social impact etc The code – Python or Java only,Read More →