2022 Spring Speech & Debate


2022 Spring Speech & Debate Schedule


  • 18 Classes Total. All classes online!
  • Starting Date: January 10, 2022 (Monday)
  • Ending Date: May 22, 2022 (Sunday)
  • No Class: April 4 to April 10, 2021 (Spring Break)
  • National Circuit Level Classes requiring interview and a goal of winning at the State and National Level – Classes are longer and work load is significant (All competition team classes requires one year sign up)

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Online Classes; All Times Pacific

Littles Speech Class (1st and 2nd Graders): $1026 per semester (1.5 hours/ Week)

Regular Classes: $1350 per semester (2 hours/ Week)

Discount not applicable to competition team and national team

[Nationals Team/ Competition Team]

6-8th Grade Circuit LD/Policy/Competition PF Team: $3400 for one year, pro-rate if join in the middle of the semester. (2.5 hour long each class)

These courses require students to complete an interview and a comprehensive code of conduct. These are not for casual speakers. All participants should enter with the goal of competing on the national level. The classes are longer. The workload is more significant. Unlike our normal courses, which allow students to sign up one semester at a time, the Nationals Team meets year-round.

National Team: $5000 full year, pro-rate if join in the middle of the semester

[Economics Classes]

Our goal is to give students the intellectual and decision-making tools that they need to become independent financially stable people by the time they finish high school. Students will learn the basics of personal financial literacy, the elements of building a successful business, finance and investment through the eyes of an investor, and economic theory and history.

It all begins in elementary school with personal financial literacy and public speaking for business. In middle school, students transition to learning economics and practical business skills. Finally, at the high school level, students prep for AP Macro and Microeconomics while learning economic theory and history. Only our high school AP Economics course, which prepares students for both the AP test and economics competitions, requires a year-long commitment.

AP Economics: $2460 per year

Discounts and Refund Policy

If payment and registration are completed before 11/30/21, you get a 9% early bird discount.

If payment and registration are completed before 12/15/2021, you get a 5% early bird discount.

If payment and registration are completed before 12/20/21, you get a 3% early bird discount.

If two students register from the same household during the same semester, the second student gets a 10% discount.

If the same student registers for two classes during the same semester, they get a 20% discount for the second class. [This discount does not apply to any Nationals Team class or private lesson.]

All of our classes are pro-rated if students join after the start of the semester. Join any time!

Refund Policy:
Tuition can be fully refunded with written notice 7 days before session starts. Cancellation after 7 days before session starts is non-refundable. PayPal processing fee will be non-refundable.